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Holiday Deadlines:
For the Wednesday, May 27th  issue,
please submit your Penny Saver ad by 3pm, Thursday, May 21st
and Guide ad by 10am, Thursday, May 21st.

Welcome to the Penny Saver

    The Penny Saver is an advertising and entertainment publication published each Wednesday and delivered to more than 90,000 households in Linn County, Iowa. Sign up to receive the Penny Saver each week.

Penny Saver Readership and Distribution

The Penny Saver is delivered every Wednesday with The Gazette newspaper to all Gazette subscribers in Linn County. Non-subscribing Linn County households receive the Penny Saver in the mail free of charge.

            – 77% of readers frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in the 
              Penny Saver.*

            – 91,000 adults read the Penny Saver during an average week.**

The Guide – Your Entertainment Source

Inside, you’ll find:

            – A featured local event story

            – Local Flavors – A local restaurant profile

            – A directory of events listed by category

            – “Night Life” pages where you’ll find bars and entertainment
              opportunities including live bands, karaoke and drink specials

Also… Look for seasonal happenings in The Guide such as bazaars, local festivals, and other events!



*Source: 2008 Consumer Market Study, Clark, Martire, Bartolomeo, Inc.
**Source: 2010 Eastern Iowa DMA Market Study, MORI

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