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ADVERTISING  319–398–8222
DISTRIBUTION  319–398–8333

Holiday Deadlines:
For the Wednesday, May 27th  issue,
please submit your Penny Saver ad by 3pm, Thursday, May 21st
and Guide ad by 10am, Thursday, May 21st.


Display Advertising
All display advertising in the Penny Saver is sold in modular units. Whether you place your advertising in ROP, inserts, online, direct mail*, or in other Iowa Source Media products – the total of all products combined is used to calculate your Annual Investment Level rate. For complete details on rate options and size specifications
please call (319) 398-8222 or toll free in Iowa 1-800-397-8222.Click here for the Advertising website

Category ad placement options in the Penny Saver include:
Automotive, Services, Garage Sales, Merchandise, Real Estate, and Employment
Category ad placement options in the Guide include: On the Move (Things to Do), Local Flavors, Nightlife
Advertising Deadlines:
Penny Saver
Space/Copy Deadline: 2 p.m. Friday
Final OK Deadline: 4 p.m. Friday
The Guide
Space/Copy Deadline: 5 p.m. Thursday
Final OK Deadline: 4 p.m. Friday
Note: During holiday weeks deadlines are advanced by one day.
For a highly effective way to pinpoint your advertising dollars, pre-print inserts, as well as Print and Deliver inserts, are available for customized distribution patterns, tailored to the individual client. For detailed information on custom print and deliver inserts please call our office (319) 398-8222 or 1-800-397-8222.
Preprint Contracts:
Advertisers signing a preprint contract to distribute inserts during the course of the year can earn significant discounts.  All revenue will be applied to dollar volume contracts.
Part-Run Circulation:
Minimum billing 5,000. Part-run circulation patterns based on delivery zones. Ask for detailed geographic options. Preprint reservations are requested 14 days prior to insertion date and delivered 10 days prior to insertion.
Shipping Instructions:
Inserts should be shipped freight prepaid to our warehouse:
Hours: Monday through Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Processing and Packaging Manager
4700 Bowling Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Warehouse Phone:

Penny Saver  500 3rd Avenue SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
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